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Codex of the Realm – Website & Facebook Launch

Posted March 18th, 2012 in News by admin

The website for the Stickmen Studios upcoming original IP “Codex of the Realm” has gone live today with some stunning artwork teasers. Help spread the word by becoming a “liking” the website for us at and by joining the Facebook Fanpage at, we really appreciate your support in helping us make these these great games a reality!

Codex of the Realm will be a brand new style of gamebook – introducing levels of immersion and engagement never before seen in any other product on the market. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Doc Clock Interview with

Posted January 17th, 2011 in News by admin

Recently Stickmen Studios CEA Henry Lane was interviewed by popular gaming website regarding the upcoming launch of “Doc Clock™: The Toasted Sandwich of Time” on the Nintendo WiiWare™ Service.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers and let us know how you’re involved with Doc Clock?

My name is Henry Lane and I’m the CEA at Stickmen Studios, I have primarily helped to coordinate the promotion and distribution of Doc Clock across all platforms.

Can you tell us a bit about the game itself?

In ‘Doc Clock™: The Toasted Sandwich of Time’ you get to play as the kooky inventor Doc Clock, the creator of incredible and frequently backfiring contraptions. Accompanying him is his contemptuous companion SACK, a mechanical arm-wielding backpack with a less than favorable opinion of his master.

Players are immersed in a world of ingenious inventions and unpredictable outcomes. A world where techno-phobic hippy robots are bent on your destruction and the only means of escaping their cartoonishly-menacing wrath is by building creative contraptions from random objects encountered on your journey.

Doc Clock is a new puzzle adventure game that tests both the player’s cognitive ability in building bizarre inventions from propellers, garden gnomes and bathtubs, as well as the player’s skills inpiloting their inventions through the robot-ravaged landscapes.

Where did you get the idea for Doc Clock?

The Doc Clock project team designed all elements of the IP for Doc Clock from the ground up. We wanted to make a fun, creative adventure where players could overcome obstacles in many different ways by literally inventing their own solutions. We created a physics engine which enabled theinventions and puzzle mechanics to function, and our heroes (Doc Clock and SACK) were created as the humorous lead characters to bring in comic dialogue to give the adventure a fun personality that everyone can enjoy.

The backpack that the Doc wears appears to be alive, much like F.L.U.D.D. was in Mario Sunshine.Will there be interactions between him and the Doc?

Absolutely! SACK, otherwise known as ‘Smart Android Carrying Kit’, is Doc Clock’s deeply cynical sidekick. The game is loaded with amusing banter between the two as SACK never misses an opportunity to insult his cheerfully oblivious creator, whom he secretly plans to overthrow on his wayto becoming supreme overlord of the world.

The Wii is known for multiple controls schemes in many games. Are there going to be different waysof controlling the game and can you explain some of the controls?

Currently there is only one control scheme; players use the control pad to move left and right as well as up and down when they control a vehicle. ‘A’ and ‘B’ are used for activating SACK’s mechanical arm which can grasp and tilt objects while moving them with the Wii Remote’s pointer. Finally one of the most important aspects of the game is triggered by the ‘Time Slider’ on button ‘2’ which allows players to rewind to any point of the level and back should they make a mistake.

How long will the game take players to complete?

On average people are taking between 6 and 8 hours to complete the game, however some are spending much longer thanks to the replay value the game exhibits. There are many achievements available to be earned, and those that complete the story are able to replay with new equipment allowing them to experiment further as well as discover new and previously inaccessible areas.

Were there any challenges in bringing the game to WiiWare?

As with every game one of the main challenges is tailoring the gameplay to suit the strengths of the platform. We were therefore very focused on making the building of inventions fun and easy to understand using the Wii Remote. The result works really well so that players feel like they are actually guiding SACK’s robot arm around. Also, twisting the Wii Remote became a very intuitive way of adjusting the angle of objects to help inventions function at their best.

Was there anything you thought was going to be difficult that ended up being easier than you thought?

Originally we considered that the game’s humor might be difficult to implement given that we wanted to appeal to a worldwide audience. However we all ended up having a lot of fun with this part of the game and in turn we’ve had loads of really positive feedback from many people who loved the humor. Even independent video reviews on places like youtube specifically mentioned how many people really enjoyed the games style, comedy and especially the brutal sarcasm of SACK.

What went into the decision to bring it to WiiWare over other downloadable platforms?

We felt that ‘Doc Clock™: The Toasted Sandwich of Time’ was a great fit for the WiiWare™ platform given the interactive controls from the Wii Remote and Nintendo’s background of bright and colorful cartoon characters. Even more importantly is the fact that both Doc Clock and the Wii cater for an audience of all ages, while the game encourages children to be creative and use their imagination to build contraptions and overcome logic puzzles it also challenges the more mature audience who will likely enjoy a lot of the humor too.

When will the game be available and how much should players expect to pay?

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is set to launch on the WiiWare™ service on the 17th of January for the cost of 1000 WiiPoints™.


To see the original interview, please click here

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Stickmen Studios & CerebralFix Xmas Party!

Posted January 5th, 2011 in News by admin

Selection of photos from our great end of year night out in Sol Square at the Minx and Graffiti White nightclubs!

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Great feedback

Posted December 30th, 2010 in News by admin

Here at Stickmen Studios we love hearing back from the public, because you guys are who we make our games for!

This message from Mr. C Bourgeois was great to receive back after he was drawn as one of the winners in the recent Doc Clock  give-away competition:

Mr. Lane,

Thank you very much for gifting me with Doc Clock.  I truly appreciate your
company's generosity. I actually bought Doc Clock before winning the contest
but I have several friends who I was bragging how great this game is and
used the extra game to one of my friends as a Christmas gift.
Best of luck in the future, keep making great games, and have a Merry

Clay Bourgeois


Thank you Clay, and thank you everyone that has been behind us for 2010 – we look forward to an even more exciting 2011 with you all!

Happy New Year from the Stickmen Team

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Quake disruptions

Posted December 27th, 2010 in News by admin

Dear Friends of Stickmen Studios,

This notice is just to warn you that Christchurch has suffered a series of jolting aftershocks the last couple of days since the 7.1 we met with in September of this year. Due to damage to buildings in the central city you may experience delays in terms of email contact from us.

Besides that little bit of trouble we hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Christmas and have a fantastic new year!

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Doc Clock Competition Drawn!

Posted December 7th, 2010 in News by admin

The first Doc Clock competition has now wrapped up, with 25 successful winners drawn and supplied with their own copies of “Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time”! In order to qualify for the draw users needed to answer 3 questions correctly, for everyone that missed out make sure you keep an eye on the Doc’s website – for future promotions when they come out!

Doc Clock now also has his own Facebook Fan Page running where he maintains a regularly updated Blog detailing his latest adventures, become a fan now at:

or alternatively follow the Doc on twitter at:!/Doc_Clock

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The guys (and girls!) hit up Lazer Strike!

Posted November 22nd, 2010 in News by admin

Large numbers turned up for some exciting Lazer Strike action, as members from both Stickmen Studios and CerebralFix tackled each other in mixed groups for some furious head to head combat!

Casualties were low and spirits were high, see pictures below

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Stickmen Collaboration on One News!

Posted October 1st, 2010 in News by marketing
Remember the computer game system that Stickmen Studios collaborated on with Im Able?

Well, the system is getting media attention everywhere it goes!

The Able X system recently featured on One News with a delighted user singing the praises of the system.

Stroke victim John Lash says the system has helped him get back a lot of his mobility.

“Tying a bow on a shoelace was just impossible because the (lace) would slip through my grip. Now give me anything in that hand and you’ll be hard pressed to get it out”

The Able-X device and games makes people move in certain ways, builds strength and helps recover neurological networks.

Check out the video link below!

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Stickmen Studios Collaboration Wins Award!

Posted September 12th, 2010 in News by marketing

‘Able-X’, a computer game-based neurological arm rehabilitation device developed by IRL, in collaboration with Stickmen Studios and Pukka Design Studio, has won first prize in the prototype category of the 2010 Engineers Australia, College of Biomedical Engineering Better Technology Awards.

Led by Research Engineer Marcus King the device, ‘Able-X’, is being commercialised through Wellington-based partner company Im-Able.

The device is suitable for use by people across a range of disabilities, from severely paralysed to almost able-bodied and has shown very promising results in clinical trials.

Stickmen Studios CEO Wil McLellan said he was “very happy” that the Able-X system was awarded a first prize at the 2010 Better Technology Awards. He described the project as innovative and fun, with a real “feel good” factor.

Able-X allows a person with an arm disability resulting from neurological injury to exercise their arm while playing engaging games.

“We’re getting significant movement benefits from many of the people who have taken part in the trials,” says Marcus.

“We’ve had reports that people who have one paralysed arm and have been having to drive their car single-handedly can now use both hands on the steering wheel at once.”

The Able-X is the first product to be prototyped for production, with a market release planned for late 2010. Im-Able is aiming to retail the Able-X, which works on any computer, for less than $1000.

It initially will target the local, Australian, U.K, and American markets through those countries’ strong network of stroke clubs.

Im-Able’s next move is to develop a suite of neurological disorder rehabilitation devices, including an Able-M, targeting patients who can hardly lift their arms at all.
The award was presented at the recent Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association’s National Conference in Hobart, at which Marcus presented a paper on the Able-X system.

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Stickmen Help Stroke Victims With New Technology.

Posted August 29th, 2010 in News by marketing

Stickmen Studios has been involved with development of a computer game system which helps stroke victims in regaining their mobility.

Im-Able Ltd has invented an exercise system named ‘Able-X’, a wireless air mouse on a handle that encourages three-dimensional arm movements via a range of computer games.

The Able-X device and games makes people move in certain ways, builds strength and helps recover neurological networks.

Able-X was developed by a Christchurch Industrial Research Ltd. team led by Marcus King in collaboration with Stickmen Studios and Pukka Design Studio, along with investment funding from Technology N.Z.

Stickmen Studios CEO Wil McLellan says it was great working with IM-Able on the Able-X system.

“The project was innovative and fun, and the fact that we were part of creating a product that truly helps people gives a real “feel good” factor to the project.”

“If you have a stroke, or any other neurological problem, you’re killing, damaging or blocking some of the brain networks,” says Im-Able director Geoff Todd.

A stroke also causes muscle wastage as that part of the body doesn’t get used.

“Other networks exist in the brain that aren’t being used, and rehabilitation works to connect those new networks and get the affected parts of the body moving again.”
Usually rehabilitation requires one-on-one therapy with a trained specialist, and when a patient leaves hospital, this isn’t readily available.

Geoff says their aim is to develop rehabilitation systems that are affordable that enable people to recover and help themselves at home.
Based on clinical trial data carried out in Otago on 14 people who had had strokes in the past, every single patient improved.

One key to this is that during an hour’s ‘gaming’ some actions may be repeated up to 1000 times without the player noticing. This compares to the involvement of a therapist where patients might be lucky to have 100 repetitions.

“There’s nothing like this in the world,” Geoff says.

“In the end our motivation is to help people help themselves. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone use your product, and seeing them improve. You can see the observable difference, it’s fantastic.”

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