Stickmen Studios Collaboration Wins Award!

Posted September 12th, 2010 in News by marketing

‘Able-X’, a computer game-based neurological arm rehabilitation device developed by IRL, in collaboration with Stickmen Studios and Pukka Design Studio, has won first prize in the prototype category of the 2010 Engineers Australia, College of Biomedical Engineering Better Technology Awards.

Led by Research Engineer Marcus King the device, ‘Able-X’, is being commercialised through Wellington-based partner company Im-Able.

The device is suitable for use by people across a range of disabilities, from severely paralysed to almost able-bodied and has shown very promising results in clinical trials.

Stickmen Studios CEO Wil McLellan said he was “very happy” that the Able-X system was awarded a first prize at the 2010 Better Technology Awards. He described the project as innovative and fun, with a real “feel good” factor.

Able-X allows a person with an arm disability resulting from neurological injury to exercise their arm while playing engaging games.

“We’re getting significant movement benefits from many of the people who have taken part in the trials,” says Marcus.

“We’ve had reports that people who have one paralysed arm and have been having to drive their car single-handedly can now use both hands on the steering wheel at once.”

The Able-X is the first product to be prototyped for production, with a market release planned for late 2010. Im-Able is aiming to retail the Able-X, which works on any computer, for less than $1000.

It initially will target the local, Australian, U.K, and American markets through those countries’ strong network of stroke clubs.

Im-Able’s next move is to develop a suite of neurological disorder rehabilitation devices, including an Able-M, targeting patients who can hardly lift their arms at all.
The award was presented at the recent Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association’s National Conference in Hobart, at which Marcus presented a paper on the Able-X system.

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