Kung Fu Funk

Kung Fu Funk

Kung Fu Funk™

Platform: WiiWare
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+: Mild Cartoon Violence

Official Website: www.kungfufunk.com

Kung Fu Funk™ is an essential party game to add to your collection; no matter what you do you’ll finish with funky flying colours.

Is your Kung Fu strong enough?

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Kung Fu FunkKung Fu FunkKung Fu FunkKung Fu FunkKung Fu FunkKung Fu FunkKung Fu Funk

Just like authentic martial arts, the practise of movement can strengthen the body and quicken the mind. Hidden behind the funky colours and fun game play of Kung Fu Funk™, Stickmen worked closely with movement scientists from IRL (Industrial Research Limited), to design a game which is fun to play and incorporates scientific research on upper body mobility.

Did you know that it takes roughly two and a half thousand repetitions to make a movement an instinctual reflex.

Never forget your training, and never take for granted the skills you have.