Stickmen Studios is dedicated to producing original and compelling games for Console, PC and handheld platforms. The company’s goal is ‘Breakthrough Gaming’.

Established in August 2006, the company directors performed several years of research within the games industry prior to opening the studio in New Zealand’s beautiful ‘Garden City’ Christchurch in June 2008.

We have rapidly thrust ourselves into the industry obtaining our licence to develop for the hugely popular Nintendo Wii™, and more recently we are proud to announce our developer status for the Playstation 3, Sony’s powerful performance console.

Stickmen Studios is an officially licensed developer for Nintendo of America (Wii), Nintendo of Europe (Wii) and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PS3, PSN).

The earthquake activity in 2010 and 2011 has seen the city centre of Christchurch closed and Stickmen Studios has relocated to Burnside. Stickmen Directors are proud to be actively helping to drive the development of a  new and exciting Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus (EPIC) which will become an iconic component of the new city.

Studio Leadership

Brooklyn Waters
0064 (0)21 605 081
Ben Dellaca
0064 (0)21 228 3862
Jeremy Cadillac